About Us

A Stakepool with Extremely-Low Fees.

FanceePool is an American Cardano stakepool focused on community engagement and interaction. Originally realized by our founder Tobias Fancee, our objective is to promote Cardano awareness in the cryptocurrency space through engagements on social media. Our pool offers zero fixed fees with a flat fee of 0.75% (less than 1%!). At FanceePool we believe that Cardano users should be able to delegate their stake with minimal fees; we believe that even a 1% is too great a fee to truly help and promote the Cardano ecosystem. This is why our stakepool prides itself in being one of very few stakepools to have a less than 1% fee structure. Happy delegating and stay fancy!

Security and Uptime

FanceePool utilizes a secure Linux machine as its primary server. This machine is equipped with more than the minimum requirements for running a Jormungandr (Cardano) node. Additionally, our pool has a gigabit internet connection and is powered by a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source) to ensure maximum uptime on the Cardano network.

Why Us?

With excellent security and uptime as well as a flat fee of 0.75%, we at FanceePool believe in our pool's success. Although we may not be the largest pool, we pride ourselves in our integrity and plan to operate this pool indefinitely. Follow us on Twitter and Telegram to get the latest news about our aspiring Cardano stakepool.